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Kawaii Beauty Japan now brings you the latest beauty, health and make-up tips from Japan to Indonesia  Look ›

In the face of the world, Japan is known for its women cosmetics and home-made remedies for keeping a woman's face shining and firm. That is what Kawaii Beauty Japan Media strives to bring into Indonesia. Not only showcasing products but also beauty tips and tricks you have access to easily at home.

Kawaii Beauty Japan Media asked Vaand if we can help them make a simple website to share their beauty tips à la Napon.

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Kemang Residence 88 selling out their 667 apartment units in Bekasi, East Jakarta  Look ›

Kemang Residence 88 offers luxury apartments in the Bekasi area of East Jakarta. Perfect for families in the region who are looking for a place to settle with complete facilities including a waterpark, shopping mall, international chain hotels for family guests to stay and office park close to home.

To help their marketing team boost online sales, Kemang Residence 88 asked Vaand if a simple website can help them.

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GoGorilla proudly brings the vertical garden trend to freshen up the concrete jungle of Jakarta  Look ›

GoGorilla is an Indonesian company specializing in vertical gardens and landscaping also in synthetic grass manufacturing such as for outdoor soccer/football fields. Quality is delivered through their technology brought from Singapore.

The main purpose for the launch was to highlight the new services and products offered by GoGorilla.

All content is distributed by GoGorilla.

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Astra International unveils the newly renovated hi-tech Astra Museum  Look ›

Using interactive motion gesture, visitors can browse and learn through the history of Astra International, from the very first moment Astra opened its doors, to becoming the largest automotive distributor, to growing into having six core businesses: Automotive, Financial Services, Heavy Equipment, Agribusiness, Information Technology and Infrastructure.

Vaand helped creating an interactive wall of milestone that laid out Astra's story from beginning to present time. Our works including UX, UI, design, and interaction.

All contents are distributed by Astra International. Venue: Astra International Museum, Sunter, North Jakarta.

projection mapping

Samsung brings the excitement to Istanbul while launching the Galaxy S4 with Armin Van Buuren  Look ›

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a successor to the Galaxy S III, with upgraded hardware and an increased focus on software features. It is quickly becoming a part of the fastest selling smartphone in Samsung's history.

Vaand helped producing motion graphic and animation content for the main event.

Location of main event: Istanbul, Turkey.

tv commercial

Philips Netherlands launches HTL9100 Fidelio soundbar with detachable speakers  Look ›

Philips launches the soundbar along a full-3D promotional video to unveil the impressive features of the shape-shifting soundbar HTL9100.

Client: Philips
Agency: Norvell Jefferson (Netherlands)
Post / Graphics: Netra & VAAND
Vaand helped producing the video from storyboard, design, and 3D animation.

short film

Second Calling  Look ›

The Gedung Sate projection mapping has been an annual collaborative project. The 2012's one is different, if not better, than the previous years. There is no way to build the crowd's anticipation other than a short film that acts as a teaser to the year's biggest projection mapping in Indonesia.

Vaand produced, directed, edited, and shot this short film for Gedung Sate Projection Mapping 2012.

Source: Behind the Scenes:

projection mapping

Gedung Sate 2012  Look ›

To celebrate the 67th Anniversary of West Java, the government held a massive video projection mapping to Bandung's most iconic neo-classical building.

Vaand is a part of a huge collaborative project with the team from Sembilan Matahari. We helped designing, 3D modeling, and animating a chapter in the 10-minute film.



A Flowchart to Cure Procrastination  Look ›

This one was made for ourselves. We had gotten interested in infographics design that we wanted to have our own try at it and add a bit of our humorous twist. You know how exciting it was having it wound up as's Staff Pick!

Our idea was to try to see what it takes to make an infographic including the concept, research and tools needed. It's safe enough to say maybe you'll see more infographics from us!